Our program serves all youth and families, but places special emphasis on children and families who are experiencing low neighborhood attachment or English as Second Language learners (ESL).  Bi-lingual staff are employed to impact the needs and interests of the ESL community as well as others served. 


The three components of the program consist of:


1. Higher Ground utilizes a family strengthening and community based approach to increase the capacity of families to meet their own needs as well as the needs of their kids, especially those experiencing low neighborhood attachment.

2. Next Level is the academic literacy program and central component of MRC. Next Level makes us of a multi-disciplinary curriculum that covers science, engineering, culture, art, health & fitness, math, cooking, literacy and engineering. These enrichment activities promote 21st century skills of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration that help lead to learning processes.The child's school success is supported through our year round afterschool learning activities which integrate both school and non-school support and cooperative learning to ensure children have the skills needed to succeed.

3. Lunch Friends is a one-on-one mentoring strategy to help those students who are most at risk. Staff and volunteer mentors reach out to these students and meet with them during lunch time at their school to help them find resolution to conflicts and issues they are facing either at home or at school.