We accomplish our mission by supporting the child’s school success through our year round academic literacy programs and complementary learning activities which integrate both school and non-school support to ensure children have the skills needed to succeed. Evidence based practices and strong program management are incorporated throughout the program to ensure optimal results for the youth and families involved.


Goal(s) 2011Actual outcome 2012Actual outcome 2013Actual outcome 2014Actual outcome
90% of youth enrolled for at least 3 months will improve or maintain academic performance 92% 96% 89% 94%
75% of families will accomplish two or more family service plan goals 79% 92% 100% 55%
90% of youth enrolled for 8 weeks will have less than 3 school absences 96% 85% 69% 75%
90% of youth will attend the program 3 or more days per week. 91%