What are they saying about us…

Parent Satisfaction Survey 2013-2014Please tell us about any positive experiences your child(ren),your family or you had at our site.

1.      My children speak more English.

2.      Loves his teacher and the relationships he’s developed.

3.      Very good relationship with teacher (Mr.P) and with classmates.

4.      Educational, affordable field trips.

5.      My child was pleased with the staff.

6.      The first time she went I was like “OKAY”!

7.      Everyone is great with the children and takes care of them as their own.

8.      Everyday they tell me how much fun they had and all the new friends they made.

9.      His homework is done and checked everyday. That helps me out alot considering the time he leaves to go home, and I get off work.

10.  A chance to work with the staff “volunteer status”.

11.  My child loves coming to after care. She has a great time and positive experiences with the staff. My child is challenged with assignments from school and after care.  As a parent I’m happy to know with confidence and my experiences that my daughter is in good hands with the staff.

12.  Grades improving along with self-esteem and attitude.

13.  They treat us with kindness and respect.

Parent Satisfaction Survey 2014-2015Please tell us about any positive experiences your child(ren),your family or you had at our site.

1.   My child enjoyed it. It helped me a lot.

2.   The staff is very professional, polite, full of love, very comforting to my child. The staff is so very friendly.

3.   Everything with MRC is positive to me and my family. I like the way the staff at MRC is teaching the children manners and respect.

4.   All is GOOD.

5.   They don’t want to go home at the end of the day.

6.   Jacari likes running first thing in the morning.

7.   He discusses all of the different things he’s learned each day with me.

8.   Always really nice people.

9.   The staff helped my daughter excel in school.I feel that MRC is a safe environment for my child.

10.  My child is experiencing the good that comes from helping others.

11.  My child expressed positive experiences in the academic  portion of the program and the relationship with her peers. As a family I really appreciate the safe, structured environment your staff provides.

12.  Very good experiences, and I like it.

13.  Academics, sports, fun, learning.

14.  They exceed our expectations and we appreciate the excellence of the program provided. We truly appreciate Mr.Dixon, Mrs.Daisy and all staff immensely as they care about all of the children having fun, their academics and safety. Thank you!!!!!!!!